Ndex Side Effects

Ndex is a testosterone booster that is no longer available on the official site of Gaspari Nutrition, the manufacturer company; however, it can still be purchased from third-party retailers. The product is notorious for causing numerous side effects, most of which are blamed on Tamoxifen, the supplement's active ingredient; some of these effects usually show several years after taking the supplement. The most common side effects are: swelling in limbs, fingers and toes; skin redness (usually shows on hands, face, neck, and upper chest); troubles with breathing; drastic weight gain or loss. Less common side effects include stomach cramps, blood in urine or stools, bone pain, hair loss or thinning, decrease in libido, numerous issues with nervous system, itch in genital area, constipation, coughing, blured vision, and some other, quite dangerous ones. Men can experience troubles with erection.

On top of that all, the supplement can be extremely dangerous for women, as it increases the level of testosterone in the body and reduces the level of estrogen, making it very harmful for women's health, mostly for their reproductive system. Women who used this product reported painful, irregular, and missed periods; some lost their periods altogether. Some women experienced increase in body hair growth, which is a common result of testosterone boost in the body.

Does It Really Work?

Many mistake Ndex for a diet product that is supposed to reduce fat, suppress the appetite, and increase metabolism; however, the supplement does none of this. Thus, if your main goal is losing your extra weight, this product is not suitable for you. It is a testosterone booster that helps build muscle mass(which can indirectly lead to losing fat, because the increased testosterone level will enable you to work out more intensely). The product used to be popular with bodybuilders. Since it is no longer sold on the official site of the manufacturer company, it is not really safe to buy it from any third-party seller, as it can be short-dated or outdated. Ndex is not recommended for women, because it can cause a lot of harm to their health.