My Extra Weight

I used to take Apix, they're really effective! Mu doctor prescribed this pill to me; this is how you get this product, only through prescription. Of course, you can take these tablets without consulting your doctor, but mind you, they do have side effects, so, it is very important to know whether your body can handle them. The doctors usually would do EKG scanning to find out whether this product is safe enough for your heart. My doctor recommended that I took these pills, and I can tell from my experience that they do work. I lost 60 pound during three months last year, this is quite a result.

I went to Weight Loss Centre once, and they recommended some diet pills, but those pills did not work at all. So, I decided to find a good weight loss product myself, and I tried Apix. I felt the effect almost immediately after I started taking the pills: my appetite got much weaker, and I was able to control my cravings; I began to fill full after eating quite a small portion of food, which was something impossible for me before: I needed a lot of high-calorie food to be full. So I noticed that I got much slimmer but as not all my extra weight has gone after I completed my first course, I am going to pre-order another bottle. I'd recommend this pill to everyone, they work. They won't fill you with energy, but weight will surely go.

I lost approximately 3 kg within one month when being on these tablets. After taking the pills during some time, I noticed that I had not so strong appetite; I didn't have the urge to snack so often. Maybe, the results would have been even more impressive, but I decided not to take the full dosage. The instruction says that we have to take two pills in the morning, and two more at lunch, but I only take three pills in the morning, because I am afraid that full dosage will cause some significant side effects. As said in the instruction and mentioned in many customer reviews, there can be very bad side effects for those people who have cardiovascular diseases. I don't suffer from any of them, but I prefer to be on the safe side anyway. Nevertheless, the pills work, and I haven't noticed any bad side effects so far. It boosted my metabolism and energy, and I am not such a food addict as I used to be. Also, I have noticed that my ability to concentrate has improved, as well as memory.

I don't trust this product to be honest. It does not even have an official site of its own, and it is next to impossible to find a complete list of ingredients. This alone should make you think twice before purchasing this pill. I did manage to find a list of some ingredients used in this product, and all of them are common for many weight loss supplements. Here they are: caffeine, mint, cumin, olive, lady's finger (which is, interestingly enough, an alternative name for a vegetable usually known as okra). It was not a surprise to see caffeine listed among the ingredients, as it is a very common component of many diet pills, mainly because it's stimulating properties. However, I haven't found out how much caffeine is there in one tablet, so, you should be very careful with the pills, especially if you have some problems with your cardiovascular system. Other ingredients are not really helpful when it comes to weight loss. Maybe, there are some other stimulants included in the formula, but we can't really know, because full list of ingredients has never been provided. Many people mistake Apix for another weight loss product, Adipex, as the two names are very similar. The latter is, by the way, a prescription pill, quite a strong one, but with many side effects.

This product can be helpful for some people, but it has too many side effects to consider it safe. If you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, or diabetes, this pill is definitely not for you. So, consult with your doctor before taking this medicine! I used to take it during a very short period of time (without prescription), and it gave me dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, and high blood pressure. I did lose a few pounds, but the price of this was too high, so, I stopped taking these tablets. If you want to try them yourself, do talk to your doctor first, but I'd not recommend this pill anyway: there are plenty of other weight loss supplements available on the market these days so, why risk your health?

This product causes very severe side effects, so, be careful with it! I had a depression, insomnia, and increased heartbeat because of this. After I stopped taking the pills for a few days, I began to feel good again, slept well, and my mood was good, but then I started to take the pills again to complete my course and my condition aggravated. Thus, I can't blame it on anything else but Apix. Yes, my appetite decreased a lot, but I felt exhausted and constantly tired, very depressed, so I gave up on these pills, I am afraid that they can cause serious damage to my health.