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At the beginning of the fourth day of competition at the World Poker Tour World Championship to buy in at $ 25,000 which is held at the fabulous Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, the wrath of players broke minded unacceptable conditions under which these last for a step that is losing its prestige year after year to believe the field of players has increased from 220 in 2011 to 152 players in 2012. An observation is made bloody: the Bellagio no longer attracts the crowds and several reasons that triggered the anger of the players this year at the Bellagio.

The main problem was raised by the players for the tournament area which is located in the casino floor in a smoking area next to slot machines. Smoke and a deafening noise of slot machines that complicate the concentration of players.

This room is inadequate and unworthy of the event buy-in of $ 25,000 and stars that are present. The Bellagio has yet half a dozen rooms including the huge “Grand Ballroom”.

Matt Waxman, announced its discontent from the first day of the tournament and had said on its social network: “I really hope that will give us the Bellagio poker room for $ 25k instead of the smoking area. The Bellagio could become the worst stage of the WPT.”.

It was followed by the wrath of Guillaume Darcourt indicating that the situation was unacceptable, the payouts are pathetic, unable to install Wi-Fi for journalists eager to relay the event, a reception and a deplorable management of the tournament incomprehensible.